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Euting Project

This fun exciting pool in Frisco Texas was a joy to design and build. Not all free-form natural designs are the same. This project took us down a path less traveled. From the light-toned holey boulders with native plantings to the sharply contrasted onyx boulders to the standing beach pebble tiles (barnacles) this pool just screams oceanside getaway. The elevations of the property allowed the negative edge pool to not only be visually stunning but functional as well. Spa’s can oftentimes feel too large or out of place on design.

This perimeter overflow design almost disappears. The standing beach pebble veneer and darker blue interior finish work to make this as much a visual feature as it is a spa. An automated fire-bowl sits atop a large onyx boulder that is hand shaped to disappear into the waterline. The placement was critical as this was a focal point to be seen from the house, and the multiple seating areas around the pool.

The two grotto water features add sound and height to the project. They also create launch pads for the homeowner’s Labrador Retriever! The holey boulders are softened by plantings and interior lighting makes them pop! A large stone bridge gives the homeowner access to the large grotto where they enjoy jumping into the lower pool which is 10″ deep!

The bleached wood decking and pier posts with hammocks they purchased in Honduras finish off this spectacular project. There are many more special touches on this project. I hope you enjoy it!

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